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    Here's How to Install SkoolBot Classroom Assistant


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    Download The Extension

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    The next thing you need to do is to download the extension from the Google Chrome Store at

    this link


    Pin the Icon

    You can see a quick video on how to pin the SkoolBot Classroom Assistant icon so that it is visible on your browser by clicking here.

    It is a vital part of the installation - it's how SkoolBot alerts you of important events.


    Here is the same information in written form:


    Click on the black puzzle piece icon in the upper right of Chrome (it is where you manage chrome extensions). Scroll down until you see "SkoolBot Classroom Assistant", then click on the white push pin icon to the right - it should turn blue to show that the icon will now be visible in the Chrome bar (near the puzzle piece).


    Sign On

    Click on the Robot Dog Icon for SkoolBot, and sign on using your Google Classroom ID. When it asks for permission to be able to read the emails from Google Classroom™, click on "Allow". You are now all set!


    Not seeing your school ID when you try to log on? Make sure you are first logged into Chrome with your school ID before using the SkoolBot extension.


    Your can see a a video about logging in and out of your Google account by clicking here.


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